Robitussin Abuse Treatment

Regardless of the reason why a person began the taking of Robitussin, he or she may develop addiction and dependence to the drug. The addiction and dependence of the drug is caused by abuse of the drug in very high dosages and for a long period of time. The patient may not notice anything unusual or strange until the day they attempt to alter, reduce, or stop taking the medication, only to find that they cannot because of withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms can sometimes be very life threatening.

Withdrawal from the drug should be monitored by professionals that are well trained and experienced on how to treat substance abuse withdrawal. There are substance abuse treatment centers in every city and state in the US. You can easily locate affordable and suitable centers if you want to get treatment for Robitussin addiction. The most common form of treatment that is administered first is detoxification. The purpose of detox is to help get rid of the toxins in the blood. Detoxification is a medical procedure that can only be undertaken by qualified professionals. It is most preferably carried out by a psychiatrist and physician.

Robitussin Abuse Treatment

Good substance abuse treatment centers recommend comfortable detoxification by use of withdrawal medications that are antidotes to Robitussin. The doctor should first conduct a complete medical examination on the patient to determine the right detox procedure required. Depending on the severity and extent of addiction, several detox procedures may be required. Successful detoxification procedures will help reduce the chemical imbalances in the blood and brain that develop when the drug is abused for a long time.

Slow withdrawal is also highly applied in the treatment of Robitussin abuse. The withdrawal is slow because sudden and quick alteration, stopping, or quitting of the intake of the drug will cause the experience of withdrawal symptoms. The intensity of the symptoms will continue to decrease until they disappear totally. The substance abuse treatment professionals administer drugs for countering the withdrawal symptoms that include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Insomnia
  • Vomiting
  • Bone aches
  • Cold flashes
  • Muscle aches

The patient should also be subjected to counseling in order to address the psychological effects of the abuse of the drug. The patient that is addicted to Robitussin may experience very severe and serious psychological distress if they stop taking the medication all of a sudden. The counseling is aimed at addressing the anxiety, stress, thoughts of self-harm, and other psychological disturbances that may develop once the patient has been put on treatment.

The counseling will also help prevent the relapse to drug abuse once the patient has successfully quit. The patient is, in most cases, advised to avoid interaction with people that abuse the drug or live in environments in which Robitussin is highly abused. The duration of treatment varies depending on the degree of addiction and the quantity of the drug that has been abused.

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