Robitussin Abuse Withdrawal

Robitussin is a drug manufactured by Pfizer Inc. in the United States. It is a drug that is used in the treatment and relief of coughs, common colds, and upper respiratory tract infection symptoms. It is a combination of two drugs, guinafenesin and dextromethorphan. Dextromethorphan suppresses the cough while guinafenesin has expectorant effects. The medication has double action and causes very quick relief when taken by patients that are suffering.

There has been increasing cases of prescription drug abuse in order to feel high among the US youth. Among the drugs that are abused is Robitussin. The drug is readily sold in pharmacies at cheap prices and as an over-the-counter medication. To purchase it, you do not need proper medical prescriptions from a doctor.

Robitussin Abuse Withdrawal

The easy availability of the drug has acted to further compound the problem of abuse among youth. What must be noted is this, even though it is very easy to begin the behavior of abusing Robitussin, quitting is not very easy because of addiction.

Robitussin abuse withdrawal should be undertaken professionally in order to reduce the intensity and severity of withdrawal symptoms that are, in most cases, severe. If you find yourself in a situation in which you are physically addicted to and dependent on the drug, do not attempt to reduce or stop taking usual dosages of the drug. Even though the possibility of death from Robitussin withdrawal symptoms is low, the patient may suffer very much from them. The withdrawal should be undertaken by trained medical personnel and at a substance abuse rehab center.

Even at the substance abuse treatment center, Robitussin abuse is very slow and gradual. It may take several weeks to several months to complete. The substance abuse treatments may administer other drugs to reduce the severity and intensity of withdrawal symptoms.

To reduce the intensity of withdrawal symptoms, the patient may need to be subjected to detoxification in order to reduce the levels of toxins in the blood and brain. Detoxification should only be undertaken by doctors that know how to do it. Detox cannot and should never be undertaken at home because it is a sort of “cleansing” to get rid of the toxins.

If the addiction is severe, because abuse has been going for a very long time, or the patient abused very high dosages of Robitussin, or both, several detox procedures may be required. Counseling is also very important during the Robitussin withdrawal. Counseling will help the patient cope with the withdrawal symptoms that are sometimes stressful and severe.

The type nature and intensity of the symptoms vary from one individual to another, but they include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Insomnia
  • Vomiting
  • Cold flashes
  • Restlessness
  • Muscle aches

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